Common data type on the World Wide Web

Your web browser does more than just showing you the text on a web page. It, for example, can also show you videos or animations. If your browser is not capable of handling a particular type of data (perhaps a flash or QuickTime video clip), the browser will simply ignore that data and show you other items (if any) on the page. Installing of the necessary plug-ins or software can fix this problem.

In any case, table 1 lists some of the common data types found on the web.

Table 1 common data types found on the web
Type of data Extension Description
Text .htm, .html Text that you read on a web page
Audio .wav Microsoft wave sound file
.au A sound file format, stands for audio.
.mid MIDI sound file
Image .gif GIF graphic file format
.jpg JPEG graphic file format
.tif Tiff graphic file format
Video .mpg MPEG video clip
.mov Apple QuickTime video clip
.avi Microsoft video clip
Animation .fla Adobe flash file

If you just want to view text and graphic, recent browsers can show you that data without any extra plug-in or other upgrades.

Posted on 6/17/2007
by Raj Singh