Finding a child caregiver provider

While you and your spouse are at work, your young ones may need a responsible childcare giver. Choosing the child care provider for your children is an important decision. As you make this decision, you not only should think about the cost of the care but also the quality and distance from your jobs home.

Finding a responsible childcare provider:

  • ask other parents in your area,
  • ask your friends and coworkers,
  • check the telephone directory,
  • see internet resources, or
  • call local school district office to find childcare centers in your area
  • check with a childcare referral agency

A quick tip

You can find help in your search of a good childcare provider in your area by contacting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' National Child Care Information Center. The center's website has information to help you choose a good childcare program for your child.

There are number of choices when choosing a childcare provider:

Childcare type: In-home Care Family childcare Daycare Center
Description: With this arrangement, a childcare giver comes to your home to watch your children. This service is expensive as your children receive individual attention. Your child is cared for in somebody else’s home with a small group of other children. The quality of care depends on the people who provides the childcare services and the number of children under care. This is a center located in a school, church or other places. The center meets state standards and the staff usually have special training and experience.

Once you have found or received an advice for a childcare for your child, seek references and talk to other parents about the program. Don’t forget to visit the center, perhaps unannounced. For any child care you visit, ask yourself these basic questions to asses the quality of the care the center provides:

  • Are the children happy when they are around the childcare staff?
  • Do you find the childcare staff friendly and properly trained to handle children?
  • Does your child like the place?
  • Did the childcare staff talk to your child?
  • Are the children doing an appropriate activity?
  • Are the toys safe and appropriate for the children’s ages?
  • Is the place clean and organized?
  • Is the childcare center away in a safe place?
  • Is this a state-licensed or accredited child-care center?
Posted on 7/31/2007
by Raj Singh