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Understanding US history
by Raj Singh

Early settlers in the United States came from number of countries. There were varieties of compelling reasons for these people to colonize in the United States. Those reasons included freedom, new opportunities, flee unfair treatment, and so on.

Government benefits for low-income families
by Raj Singh

In the United States, there are varieties of benefit programs offered by the local, state, and federal government to low-income people. Each benefit has specific requirements for an individual or family to qualify. The requirements are listed in the application or information describing the benefit qualifications. One of the common requirements is the amount of income an individual or family earns in a year.

Going through your local telephone directory
by Raj Singh

Your local telephone directory (also called phone book) is one-stop source to find local phone numbers of business, government offices, and residential addresses. Although internet makes it easy to get phone information and more for a particular organization or individual, a phone book is still a handy tool that does not require an internet connection to browse.

What to know to drive safe
by Raj Singh

Safe driving begins with everyone on the road. Those who have driven before or have taken rides as passengers have encountered all kinds of drivers, traffic and weather conditions, and other obstacles beyond the driver's control. But by educating yourself on the safety aspect of driving, you can help keep the roads less hazardous for everyone else.

Obtaining a driving license in Maryland
by Raj Singh

In Maryland, getting a driving license means going to the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) office. MVA is responsible for issuing driving licenses, in addition to licensing and regulating other driving related services. Getting a license involves more than just passing the driving test. Before you get to the driving stage, you will need to apply in person at one of the MVA offices. You will need to provide proof of your:

US telephone area codes by state
by Raj Singh

Are you making a phone call to or within US and not sure of the area code to use? This page should help you find the answer to this question. If I have missed any telephone area code, please let me know!

Internet address for each state
by Raj Singh

Did you know every US state has its own Web site? Given the exponential growth of the internet use by all the citizens across the states, why should not this be the case? Finding a valid web site address can be a challenging task particularly if you don't know where to start. This is where this post will help you. In general, to find a website address for a US state, follow these steps:

US measurements and weights
by Raj Singh

Whether you are traveling to the US or this is a classroom exercise, this is probably your one stop reference page to glance at how the measures work in the United States.

This post shows information on measuring time, measuring liquid, measuring weight, measuring length, measuring area, and counting units.

Federal holidays
by Raj Singh

p>A federal holiday means most federal offices are closed on these days. Also, many employers give their employees a holiday on those days. Schools are also closed in observance of the holidays. Banks and store are closed or have shorter hours on federal holidays.

Getting a Social Security number (SSN) card
by Raj Singh

A Social Security number (abbreviated as SSN and 9 digits in length) is assigned to you by the United States government (specifically by Social Security Administration or SSA). Your social security number helps the government keep track of your earnings and the benefits you can get. It is more than just that. In order to open a bank account, make any major purchase, attend school, to rent a home or purchase a home, apply for a job, or to see a doctor, you will need a social security or number.