Internet address for each state

Did you know every US state has its own Web site? Given the exponential growth of the internet use by all the citizens across the states, why should not this be the case? Finding a valid web site address can be a challenging task particularly if you don’t know where to start. This is where this post will help you. In general, to find a website address for a US state, follow these steps:

  1. Type www.state.
  2. Type the two-letter abbreviation of the desired state, for instance, for Maryland you will type MD or md.
  3. Finally, type .us

Now, you should have a complete URL (website address) for the desired state. For Maryland, it will be,, or depending on how you enter your web addresses.

To make the post complete and as convenient as possible, below please find the web addresses for each state:

Alabama   Alaska
Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware (formerly
District of Columbia Florida
Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois
Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Maine
Maryland Massachusetts
Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire
New Jersey New Mexico
New York North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio (formerly
Oklahoma Oregon
Pennsylvania Rhode Island (formerly
South Carolina South Dakota
Tennessee Texas
Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin
Wyoming (formerly  
Posted on 5/14/2007
by Raj Singh